Your Purpose
is Joy!

Your path to joy is yours to choose and create. You're in the right place!


Your path to joy is yours to choose
and create. You're in the right place!

Find your path to happiness.

Everything you need on your path to happiness and freedom
can be found here.

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 Courses, meditations, talks and interviews and a weekly live gathering to interact with me and an awesome community of people who are on this journey with you; creating joyful lives, On Purpose!

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Ready to fall in love with
your life?

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Happy and Free On Purpose is your guide to learning to live your life in joy. Learn to be the master of your attitude, perspective, and choices as you are creating your life by the thoughts you think.  You’ll wake up the very first day feeling powerful, happy, excited, and in charge of your life. From creating a manifesting morning ritual to falling in love with your finances, food and love, everything you need to be the joyous, deliberate creator of your life can be found within these pages.


Shop our holiday sale now and save! Buy Happy and Free On Purpose and get The Art and Truth of Transformation for Women half off! No coupon code needed, discount automatically applied in cart with both books. 

Private Coaching

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Are you finding that no matter how hard you try, the happiness and success you seek still elude you? There’s a really good chance that there are limiting beliefs that are holding you back and you  need help to re-program those beliefs. That’s just one of the things my coaching program can do for you.

Are you ready to improve and enrich your personal relationships or finally connect with your soul mate? Instill your body with confidence, strength and vibrant good health? Finally have a great relationship with money and be open to allowing abundance? Learn to create your life on your own terms, happy and free on purpose? Change your outlook and perspective so that no circumstance is ever allowed to dictate your happiness?

If any of this sounds great to you, click below to learn more.

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Are you ready to be
happy and free?

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The only things you control in this life are your perspective and your attitude. You can ALWAYS choose to look at anything with a goal of finding the gifts or finding something to complain about. You can CHOOSE happiness and this show will teach you daily life skills to do just that! Look around for the episode that’s just right for you right now. 

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