10 Steps To A Higher Self-Esteem and Greater Happiness!

10 Steps To A Higher Self-Esteem and Greater Happiness!

12 Week Master Class to help you cast aside old labels, heal old hurts, re-connect with who you really are and start living the life you have always wanted!

This will be on Facebook Live so set your calendar, set a reminder, do what you need to do to get to this priceless life training.

This course is valued at $3000 but I’m offering it FREE to you because I want your help to start a movement! A movement that says, NO you don’t get to label me! NO, I don’t have to let your wishes be more important than my own. I CAN, no matter what you say or think, I CAN achieve anything I desire and I WILL! I will NOT settle! I WILL live the full and brilliant and amazing life that I want; that is my RIGHT!

WHEW! Got up on my soap box there, didn’t I? But it’s true. I know in every fiber of my being that the indescribable life of your dreams is right there and waiting for you, when you stop resisting, own your sense of deserving, and captain the ship that is your life. This course will help you do that.

Here’s a rough overview of what we will cover in this class.

1. Introduction – Meet the teacher, get started on this amazing journey that will continue for the rest of your life. A joyful journey!

2. Figuring out what you lost. What would you be if you had managed to keep your self-esteem intact? Edison? Madonna? Gates? Trump? What does your heart ache for that you gave up on? What would you do now if you were starting again?  Where would you live, travel, work… what would you LOVE?

3. Is this still your real dream? Does this image of your life still fit with the things you want now? Try it on, test it out and see if it is still a dream life that is worthy of you.

4. Deserving – Take the steps to re-pattern your thoughts so that you KNOW with every fiber of your being, that you are a child of god, that you are connected to everything and everyone and you completely deserve abundance, joy and freedom. You could not possibly BE more deserving, but you can definitely FEEL more deserving.

5. Know Your Fears – learn when fear serves you (running from a tiger) and when it holds you back. Learn to do what is best for you, your life and your self-image, even if it scares you a little. Learn to love being in your grow zone.

6. Recognize Resistance – See the areas in your life where your thoughts turn to lack. Every thought has two sides, what you want and the lack of same. If you are focused on lack, you are resisting abundance and can only attract more lack.

7. Recognize Resentments – Notice where you are carrying resentment for yourself and others and learn what it means to let those resentments go. The power of forgiveness.

8. Connecting with Infinite Intelligence – Your Highest Self – Your deep and ingrained intuition. There is an answer to every question and you can learn to have access to all those answers.

9. Own your belief in yourself, both as a spiritual, Divine Being, and a finite, unique and wonderful Human Being. Band together with others who will support you in this new belief.

10. Understand the true meaning and value of failure. Take the learning, take the gifts, decide on another course or the same course in a different way…… Let failure be the servant of YOU.

11. Assemble all of the pieces! Get dressed everyday in the suit of the person who has the high level of love and esteem for themselves. Be the person you see living the life of your dreams. You attract what you ARE.

12. Stay on your path! Build habits and practices into your life that will make sure that you continue to strengthen the patterns of self-love and confidence, and let the old patterns of self-doubt, shame and blame just fade away into the past.

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