Be the Kind of Person/Mate/Client/Love You Want to Attract

Be the Kind of Person/Mate/Client/Love You Want to Attract

If you are starting or growing a service based business, looking for your soul mate, or building a customer base as a sales person, a great way to start attracting the types of people you want in your life is to BE that type of person.  This means, of course that you have to first know what your ideal client looks like.

Create a Client Avatar that is as specific and rich and detailed as you know how to make it.  Include everything that matters to you.  This does not mean that you won’t serve people who fall outside of this description, you are just creating a very clear vision or picture for all of the forces of the Universe to work with.  Once you have that very clear picture, begin to BE that type of client in your own life.  Here is an example of a version of my avatar client.

She is between the ages of 40 and 60 and is a salesperson or business owner (or wants to be).  She has studied or been exposed to Universal Principles like the Law of Attraction, the Law of Vibration and positive psychology.

She realizes that it is not only possible, but her right to have an amazing life in every way and she is eagerly seeking ways to live that dream quickly, with ease and grace.  She understands the value of coaching and mentoring and having a structure of study and is willing to invest her time, money and energy into the pursuit of her dream.

She pays up front with complete willingness, always comes to her appointments prepared and on time.  She brings an open mind, the mind of a student or a child to every lesson and tries everything on for herself before dismissing any new idea.  She loves getting in better touch with her highest nature and becoming a better version of herself every day.  She is a thirsty sponge, dedicated to developing a mindset that is “open to everything and attached to nothing.”

She is more and more in love with her life every day and is eager to share what she is learning with others and to bring them along on her journey. She is involved and invested in class and openly shares her thoughts and experiences, bringing even greater value to the group experience.  She is a bright shining light!  I love her and feel so blessed to be included in her journey.

I re-write and revise this avatar all the time and I LOVE the practice every single time!  And this is the kind of student I attract and the type of experiences that are happening in my newly formed groups.  Now that I have a clear picture of her, it is time to BE her.

I am always studying and learning, in programs of structure and support for my own growth, and I strive to show up for my coaches in just the same way that I want my students to show up for me.  Not only does this help me to attract the kind of client I want for my business, but it exponentially increases my results in my other “classes.”  I am currently in a program with Dannie Frey of Ready Set Go! Leveraging Your Time, and I recognize some paradigms rearing their ugly heads.

For instance, I have a rebel inside my head.  A know-it-all that wants to argue with things.  The rebel doesn’t get banished, but she does get corralled to her proper place and that is NOT in a position to inhibit my growth.  I am reminded to be a student, to be open to everything, to look for something new to learn…. and in doing this, I get better at it.  The beautiful spiral continues and everything just gets better and better!  Delicious!  Lol!

I got carried away with this post, but the message is this.  Be the person that you want to have in your life.  The client, the friend, the lover, the worker……  You get to make all of the choices.  Have an amazing day!

Much much love.

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