Cesar’s Way – The Training of Lauren and Rehabilitation of Raki and Laci

Cesar’s Way – The Training of Lauren and Rehabilitation of Raki and Laci

As you know, I live way way out in the country, in a cabin on a mountainside, far from neighbors and civilization with 2 dogs and 4 cats. I imagined that we could all be free and happy and do just as we pleased.  Boy was I wrong about that!

My dogs are now criminals, deprived of their freedom, convicted of Grand Theft Chicken and Aggravated Chicken Slaughter!  Horrible!  So things have changed around here and I’ve learned a lot during the process of figuring this out.

For several weeks, every time I talked with my nephew and best friend, Scott, he has laughed at the antics of my animals and my response to them.  He said, “you think you’re the alpha!  You’re just a servant with 6 masters!  lol!”  He was right!  I was sort of ok with this, don’t have any real need for power or anything like that, so I just sort of let it go.

Then, on Monday, here come my dogs and Raki has something in his mouth. Now, I have never been completely comfortable with my dogs wandering out of sight, but nothing has ever happened, no trouble, so I just kept my fingers crossed and prayed they would get home safely and soon. Well, it turns out, the something in his mouth was someone’s chicken and it was still alive.

Before I could figure out what to do and intervene, he and Laci had mauled it to the point there was no saving it. I had nightmares for days, wishing I had realized what he had and reacted more quickly. I will find the chicken owner when the weather clears and make retribution.

In light of this event, my dogs can no longer be allowed to run free. Not only is it unfair to the chickens, but that farmer would be justified in shooting them!  They lost their freedom for their own good, in addition to being punished for their crimes. They’re biggish dogs and need a lot of exercises, so this means I am going to have to put 5 layers of clothing on in -2 degree weather 2-3 times a day to take them for a hike!  (That’s how this story ties into this blog.

I’m now getting even more exercise. 🙂 )  Even then, I have no guarantee that Raki won’t make a break for it and head out in search of more chickens!  So, I started intently studying Cesar’s Way and all the dog psychology and training information I could find.  I started applying these principles with nearly instant and magical results!

Cesar Milan is practicing the Law of Attraction!   Here’s some of what I learned. Dogs are not like people. They want a clear and trusted leader and to not have the pressure of making decisions. Dogs are either leaders or followers. There’s some hierarchy among the followers, but the distinctions are not terribly important. Everyone should learn to be a good pack leader, even if you don’t have a “pack”. I’m not sure how the cats feel about the new regime. I suspect they couldn’t care less. 😉

These three sentences summed it all up for me. Dogs respond to energy, not words. You are ALWAYS training your dog when you are with them.  The pack leader is the absolute boss, makes all the decisions and no one else gets a vote; they aren’t even consulted, and the leader doesn’t care if the pack likes it or not.


The energy of the strong pack leader is calm, assertive, balanced, strong and unshakable. I think we should ALL strive to have this kind of energy all the time. Never allowing outside influences to shake us up, stress us out or steal our happiness. When we have this kind of energy, our dogs feel safe and looked after.

They are more than happy to try to please their leader, in exchange for this security and because that’s their nature. My dogs are different animals, never stressed or anxious, always (almost) doing what I want them to do.  People also respond to energy. Have you noticed that some people are just easy to be around because of their calm, unruffled nature?

This part is not recommended if your pack are humans and not dogs. I am now the absolute, undisputed boss of everything and everybody in this house.  I decide when and where they eat, sleep, poop, play and receive affection.  They do not get a vote, they are not consulted and any efforts on their part to change this are completely ignored.

They don’t get affection on demand, but when I choose.  I give them a LOT of affection still, but only when they are behaving perfectly and doing exactly what I want.   This was a little difficult for me at first as I, clearly, tend to indulge my pets.  BUT, this is actually what they want and what makes them happy, so this is what we do now.

I’m now completely comfortable with it.  I also learned that dogs don’t hold grudges.  If I refuse to pet Laci some of the 200 times a day she seeks attention, she doesn’t hold it against me.  🙂  If Raki has to come inside when I say, instead of lingering to chew on something, he gets over it almost instantly.  Life is good.

I’m researching how and where and when to build a fence, so that they can have a little more outside time, but I will always and forever accompany them on their hikes where they will get their true exercise.  And I will always make every decision for them, with kindness, but with firm resolve.  Exercise, discipline, affection, in that order.  Thanks Cesar!  Here’s his website.

Interesting note:  Apparently, in the absence of a proper leader, my male 11 yr. old lab-chow mix, Raki,  was taking over that role.  He is absolutely blissful in his new role as follower and is a changed dog.  Laci, (she’s a young Golder Retriever), was apparently ok with Raki being the leader and is a little resistant to the change in roles.  She’s a little insolent. lol!  But they’re both coming around and will be rehabilitated and no longer criminals very soon.

Another interesting note.  I plan on getting some chickens this spring, so they will have to be trained not to kill them. 🙂 Should make for some interesting stories.

This all ties in with the Happy First mission.  The Universe is always sending signals and how we react to them shapes who we are and what our lives will become. This admittedly horrible experience led me to some valuable insights that will enrich my life and make me a happier, more balanced person.

It will also make my life much nicer to not be at the beck and call of 6 animals!   When “bad” things happen, it strongly defines for us what we do NOT want, which makes it even clearer what we DO want. This knowledge helps us focus on our desires so they are manifested even more quickly.

Until next time, be calm, balanced and unshakable.  Things are always working out for you.  Namaste’.

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