PRIVATE coaching

For when you’re Really ready
to change your life.


Personal Guidance and Mentorship

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Are you ready to get help returning to your natural state of Vibrant Health, Happiness and Freedom? Maybe it’s time for some one on one attention and help.


How would it feel to have access to your very own guide, cheerleader, strategist and mentor, holding your hand every step of the way? That’s what you get from working one on one with me. Unconditional love, accountability, clarity, guidance, and knowing that another person is almost as invested in your journey as you are. If you’re ready to really commit to changing your life, this is a powerful place to start. If you’re ready to dive in, read on! 


One-on-one packages are exclusive. A private program is lengthy, intimate and requires a lot of attention and commitment from both the coach and the student. This package is for you ONLY if you are really really ready to devote yourself to adopting a new mindset, embracing a new way of thinking and stepping into your power. You must be open-minded, willing to try new things, and have faith in the process. 


This experience is 8weeks long. Weekly activities and coaching sessions will help you to get back in touch with who you really are, rediscover what you really want and begin taking bold steps in the direction of your dreams. 

Your package includes an autographed copy of Happy and Free on Purpose, which has a lot of information to enhance and support your journey

This 8 week period can be the most important of your entire life, so come with the mind of a child and with excitement about embracing your own power and claiming your right to be happy and free, creating the life YOU want. 

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“...honor your decision to be the deliberate creator of your life and give your journey the attention it needs and deserves.” - Lauren G. Foster

Here's what you get! 🙂


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  • 8 one hour weekly sessions via Zoom. Each meeting will include a short guided meditation.
  • Weekday access by e-mail or text to your mentor
  • Autographed copy of Happy and Free On Purpose
  • Exclusive Be Happy First Prosperity Pendant in Silver or Gold
  • Discounts for all future packages and Be Happy First events and retreats.

Your first session is FREE, so click here to schedule your Complimentary Connection Call! Bring your most burning questions and get started on the path to RETURNING to your Natural State of Health, Happiness and Freedom.