Dear Diary. This Is HOW My Day Is Going To Go. Ok?

“The greater danger for most of us isn’t that our aim is too high and miss it, 
but that it is too low and we reach it.”
 ~ Michelangelo
Research shows that writing engages all of the parts of your brain.

The very best way to create an amazing day, every day, is to decide first thing to do exactly that; and WRITE IT DOWN.  Journaling is the most powerful tool we have for being the master of our thoughts and our days.  I encourage my clients to journal twice a day;  in the morning to set their intentions for the day, and in the evening to congratulate themselves for a day well-lived.
Your journal becomes a beautiful set of bookends between which you build the days that make your life. First thing, decide what is important to you that day and put on the qualities you want to have. Use “I am” statements, and “I am creating” statements.  It’s also a very good time to get in a state of gratitude.  I am grateful for…..

A tool taught by positive psychologists is to, at the end of the day,  write down three things you accomplished that day. This is a tremendous self-esteem builder. I also like to review the day and relive the parts I loved.
Today (or tomorrow), set your intention for the day and use your journal as a tool to strengthen the power of your intention. And then, before sleeping, congratulate, praise and love yourself for creating an amazing day.
You are creating your life! Choose your thoughts, your words and your actions and create a life you truly LOVE living!
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