Do Something new and Something Scary every day

Do Something new and Something Scary every day

I attended this Brain-a-thon and dived headlong into this remarkable program!  I’m going to provide a precise explanation, direct from John Assaraf’s company to tell you more specifics.

Anyway!  The program includes a great psychologist, ( I apologize that I can’t remember her name; I’ll look it up and add later or email me if you must know right away)  It really stuck in my mind when she said: to keep your brain active and growing and evolving you need to do something new every day and something scary every day.

The something new, I got!  For most people this means taking a different route to work, or a million other things that happen out in the world.  But I added this to my list of daily habits, editing a little to say, “do or study something new, OR do something creative.  This I could do!  So I’m learning sign language, studying that every day, and following inspirations to do something creative.

Yesterday it was inventing a yogurt based salad dressing using fresh herbs from my garden.  It was delicious and I’ll try to post the recipe. Yum! So the first message is, do something new!  Shake up the patterns of your life and get off of auto pilot!

Doing something scary every day presented a new challenge.  I didn’t think I could really do this, as I’m not scared of much and there’s usually a really good reason why if I am!   So, I didn’t put this on my daily new habits list, but I’ll be darned if scary stuff didn’t start showing up anyway!  A yellow jacket swarm attack, writing stuff that makes me feel exposed and vulnerable in public places like Facebook, a flat tire!  I know a flat tire isn’t scary, but driving 50 mph on the interstate for 30 miles, nearly getting rear-ended every minute or two definitely counts as scary!

Startled out of my shoes when a wild turkey took noisy flight nearly under my feet…  I feel quite certain that the Universe will bring me just as many scary things as I need, maybe not daily, but enough.  So, do something that scares you if you can. Make a speech somewhere if that scares you, call a radio show, challenge yourself in any way you can and give yourself a chance to grow.  Again, you’re unique and your fears are your own.  Fun stuff!

So this program is amazing and in just a few days I have ideas and opportunities just flying in my door!  So many that my new challenge is to sort through and decide which to act on. Great challenge to have.  So read the following about the Winning the Game of Money program, watch the short video, join me on Saturday for the Brain-a-thon, and get started making an extraordinary life for yourself!  Hap

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