Do You Dare to Dream?

Do You Dare to Dream?

You get to vote on EVERYTHING in your life, not just an occasional political election! You vote with your feet, you vote with your dollars, you vote with your attention and energy……  you’re molding the world around you every second of every day, so for god’s sake mold it ON PURPOSE! 🙂

I feel inspired today to share with you just what we are doing at Be Happy First; why we’re here, what we want, what we believe, how we serve.

There are millions of women in cubicles, at desks, at counters or in cars, struggling through each day, feeling powerless, limited, pulled a thousand different directions, drained, out of time, out of resources and they don’t know what to do about it. They are settling for lives of misery or mediocrity because they think they have no choice. They feel like they are at the mercy of their bosses, husbands, kids, aging parents, needy siblings, the economy, the housing market, their age, fitness level, health, appearance. They spend their lives just trying to keep everything together, to fit in, to be who they are “supposed” to be and who they really are has become lost along the way. Financial insecurity and a total feeling of scarcity robs them of serenity and sleep. They’re neglected, stressed out and unhealthy. They are uncertain about the future because someone else is making the important decisions in their lives and running their show.

I dream of a world where every woman is owning the power she has to create her own life. You DO have a choice, you have Millions of choices!   We live in a time when women really can do whatever they want to do, in most parts of the world. (Sadly there are still some areas where women are cruelly oppressed, abused and downtrodden…  let’s claim our own power and then use it to help change things for our sisters in those places! )

We can choose now to be married or single, to have same sex relationships or multiple relationships, we can get divorced and remarried as often as we like, we literally can do anything we please with our relationships AND with our lives, but instead we try to do what someone else wants us to do. Most of the time we don’t even KNOW what we really want because we have lost sight of our own desires and who we really are in our quest to be who the world wants us to be. We look around us for approval and try so hard to fit in. We let the world decide what we wear, how we talk, where we work, whether to have kids or get married …. we completely forget to ask ourselves what WE want! Who do YOU want to be?

Just 100 years ago, women couldn’t even vote. Our great grand mothers and in many cases our grandmothers were really just focused on survival, literally staying alive and were truly societally at the mercy of many things. They didn’t have the choices we have today.    So we want you to really know that you have choices! Limitless choices! BELIEVE IT! DON’T WASTE THEM!

I want to see a world where every woman is in love with herself and with her life. She is solution oriented, positive, focused and happy. She is the sorceress of her life and bestows magic on everything and everyone she touches. She spends her days creating in ways that serve her soul, giving in ways that nurture her heart, experiencing life in ways that multiply her joy!

It often sounds like we are saying that everyone should start their own business, but maybe that’s not what you want. You can be employed AND still have what you want. Employers are waking up and realizing that their people are their best asset and that they must treat them well or lose them. If you want it, someone out there is offering it, I promise.

The same applies to your relationship. If you want it, the universe can deliver it?    What is it that you want? Do you Know? This is often the hardest question, but figuring it out can be so much fun and so satisfying. Just start asking the questions.    What would you love for your relationship? How do you want to feel in your most intimate relationship? Do you live together or apart? Do you want to be married or loosely committed? Do you want multiple partners? Same sex partner? How do you want to be treated? How do you picture showing your love to your partner? Paint a picture of your relationship and then start allowing it.

Same thing with your work/career/

money. What hours would you like to work? How many? What kind of culture or environment do you love? Do you like dressing for work or would you rather work in a casual environment? How much money? How much responsibility? Do you want to lead or be a team member? Benefits? Vacation time? What do you want? What would you love?

Life is short. Life is beautiful. If you aren’t living yours just exactly as you want to, start! You’re a powerful creator, start creating what you want, deliberately, mindfully, ON PURPOSE!

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