Do You Really Know What “Law of Attraction Means”?

Do You Really Know What “Law of Attraction Means”?

In the very early days of Be Happy First, my best friend said she didn’t really understand what I do and what exactly was meant by “Law of Attraction”. I found this explanation today and felt it was worth sharing again.

Law of Attraction, Power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, The Bible, Buddha, Napoleon Hill……. References and teaching of these principles are ancient and widespread; only in recent years has the term “Law of Attraction” been coined. At the end of the day, these are all just words. The philosophy and science, yes science, (see quantum physics) and the message are the same. Thoughts become things. You get what you think about whether you want it or not. Birds of a feather flock together. The hurrier I go, the behinder I get. Lol! Sorry, had to include that.

It all boils down to this. We are the creators of our reality. Our thoughts have power and they mold the world around us. My mission is to teach people to be the “deliberate” creators of their own existence and it all starts with the thoughts we choose to think. If we can learn to turn our attention to the positive aspects of anything and everything, we attract more positive things and the negative aspects atrophy and go away from lack of attention.

Happiness and health and well-being are the birthright of every living creature, we just need to stop blocking the stream of well-being and get out of our own way. Be Happy First is a simplistic way of changing our thinking to unconditional happiness, instead of needing something outside ourselves to be happy. If our happiness is dependent on anything outside of ourselves, it is out of our control and we have given away our power.

Many of us think, “I’ll be happy when I lose weight” “I’ll be happy when I have more money” “I’ll be happy when I find a better job, a better house a better mate”, “I would be happy if YOU would just ________” fill in the blank…… the list of conditions we put on our own happiness is long. I’m not saying we shouldn’t all have perfect bodies, jobs, bank accounts and mates. We should and we can, and we will. We can be or do or have anything we want, but not from an attitude of lack. When we are focused on the lack of something, we just attract more lack. When we are beating ourselves up and hating our bodies, we just attract more qualities and conditions to hate.

The reward for being happy, no matter what, is that we begin to attract all of the things we thought we needed to be happy in the first place, and we enjoy them even more from our place of joy and peace. Instead of relying on outside factors for our happiness, we can be happy already, and then watch how the world around us changes. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to take my word or anyone’s word for it. This is very easy to prove to yourself.

Make the decision that for 30 days you will begin each day with just a few moments of deliberate thought. Make the decision that today I will look for as many positive things as I can throughout my day. I will turn my attention away from things that don’t please me. I will seek each moment to choose the thought that feels better and let how I feel be the very most important thing in the world. Then watch how the world around you changes.

People who annoy you no longer do, or they go away. Doors open for you at work, people begin to treat you with more kindness, things will seem more fun, money will start to flow, opportunities will arrive, traffic will open up for you…… you get the idea. When you choose to be happy no matter what, the universe must line up with your vibration and bring you matching experiences.

Try this for just 30 days and let me know your results. My promise to you is that you will notice significant change, with just this one simple shift. Happy New Year!

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