Fear: “False Evidence Appearing Real”

Fear: “False Evidence Appearing Real”

Many people have used fear as an acronym, I think this one is from Mark Waldman of Neurogym, but I’m not positive.

It’s completely true.  Many times we have fear that is completely unfounded and does not serve us.  Fear plays a role in our survival, don’t get me wrong, but false fear….  well that just cripples us and limits us.  It is in our best interest to put that kind of fear in its place.

My dog Raki, who is like my child, was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  I had a greater than normal fear and hatred of needles when I was told that me beloved pet would need an injection twice a day for the rest of his life.  I turn my eyes away when someone is getting a shot on TV, so this was terrifying news for me.  But I know better than to let fear dictate my life, I would do anything for my dog, so I put on my brave face and decided that I could be a hero for my dog and learn to give a shot.  After the first shot, I could not believe I had been so afraid.  It was completely simple, Raki doesn’t even feel it and he started to feel better almost instantly.

Don’t let fear keep you from living the life you love!  Put on your brave hero mode and put your fears in their place.  Have an amazing weekend!  Much love.

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