Have You Ever Said Something You Wish You Could Take Back?

Have You Ever Said Something You Wish You Could Take Back?

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” -Rumi

This week we are pondering and exploring meditation; specifically the Four Agreements, as written by Don Miguel Ruiz and taught to me by my guru, davidji.  Inspired by this awesome weekend meditation.
The First of the Four Agreements is:
Be impeccable with your words. We all have memories, good or bad, of things we said or heard; words that have a profound and lasting effect on us.    Our words are a powerful gift and if we intend to use them only for good, we avoid regrets and rejoice in enriching the world.

Meditate on this today. Implant in your thinking the intention to be conscious of the power of your words and to choose them with care.Make this agreement a part of yourself . The practice of meditation helps us recognize and connect with a part of ourselves that allows us to pause and observe and choose our responses.

In psychology this is called the “observer”. The Buddhist tradition calls it the “witness”  Whatever word you like, this is the chance to hone your skills at responding with power, love and grace, instead of reacting and denying our power.

Take a minute, or five, or 30 today, to be still and connect with your Source and with your highest self.  Learn to engage the witness part of your nature and choose your words with care.
You are creating your life!   Choose your thoughts, your words and your actions and create a life you truly LOVE living!    Have an EXTRAORDINARY week!
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