Have You Written Your Bucket List?

Have You Written Your Bucket List?

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” – Zig Ziglar

Did you ever think of a bucket list as a life transformation tool? Well, it is. Your list of goals and dreams that you want to accomplish before you leave this life, will be the parts and pieces and milestones of the dream life you create for yourself.

Write a list, we call it a personal dreams “To Do” list, of 50 things you want to accomplish and experience before you die.  You are at least 45{9c244d8ed86355dd0a86bab4317158b0d119ceb95dfad73ab1415bad7035f9f4} more likely to achieve a goal if it is written down. Be bold and audacious and daring and imaginative when you write your list.

When Lou Holtz, (famous football coach)  wrote his list in his 20’s, he was an unemployed assistant football coach, yet his list had things like, have dinner at the White House, be on the Tonight Show and meet the pope.  All things that he hadn’t the slightest clue how they could come about, but they did!

You have no choice but to create a life today.  The only choice is if it will be a life you create on purpose, or just the default life unfolding according to your conditions.  Make your list!  Design your vision!

You are creating your life!   Choose your thoughts, your words and your actions and create a life you LOVE!


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