Intention Setting Fire Ritual, Anyone?

Intention Setting Fire Ritual, Anyone?

I am SUCH a lover of ritual! And I love fire, I love gathering tools and pretty things to support me in my journey of happiness, freedom and joy! So I thought I would share one of my favorite rituals with you today. I used to do this almost every morning but lately I have been spending my sacred morning time learning to channel! See, lots to tell you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fireproof vessel (bowl, plate, pan, skillet, cauldron….  whatever you have on hand to allow you to burn a small piece of paper safely will be fine)
  • Small sheet of paper (about the size of a post it note)
  • Birthday Candle
  • Writing Instrument (I love a thick Sharpie but anything that writes will do)
  • Matches or Lighter.

Start by writing your intentions, wishes, dreams, desires… whatever it is you want to manifest or begin to manifest for your day. You can write in complete sentences, or just key words; whatever feels good to you. Remember, you attract what you ARE. Use this ritual to begin being that which you want to attract. 

Place your paper in your bowl (or whatever vessel you chose), melt the bottom of the birthday candle a little and press it to the page for a few seconds so it adheres to the paper and stays upright. Light the candle. 

A standard birthday candle burns for about 15-20 minutes. Use this time to meditate on your intentions. Really settle into the feeling of having all you desire, picture your day being an amazing miracle where all of your dreams come true, like magic. Breath and connect with your body, feel your way into the beautiful place of happiness, fulfillment and joy. 

When the candle burns completely down, it should ignite your message automatically but feel free to help it along if it doesn’t. As your message burns, picture your wishes and intentions being carried out into the Universe and received by the awesome force that is always there to help and guide you. Smile, say “and so it is” and head off to have an amazing day! Below is a photo I was inspired to take of this ritual some time last year. 


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