Is Your Mind Driving You Crazy?

Is Your Mind Driving You Crazy?

Meditation Can Teach You to Quiet Your Mind

In our Secrets of The Master Mind Class, we just completed a book study of The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer.  As is always the case, like attracts like, so I have received a lot of questions about people being driven crazy by their own thoughts.  Not able to sleep, not able to stop thinking about things they don’t want to think about, etc.  This is why meditation is such a powerful tool.

You Are NOT Your Mind

It’s so very important to remember that you are NOT your mind.  There are three parts of the creature walking around that you call you; your body, your mind, and your soul.  Your soul is who you really are, the part of you that is a part of and connected to god for eternity.  It is this part of you that is observing the sometimes ridiculous antics of your mind.  Your body is just your temporary earth-suit with a built-in brain that develops a mind of its own through what you teach it throughout your life.

Don’t let your mind be the boss of you.

Most of us spend our whole lives reacting to the world around us, including the chattering monkey mind that goes everywhere with us, and we never stop to figure out how to let our true selves be in charge.  We can learn to be deliberate creators, to be the boss of our mind instead of letting our minds be the boss of us.  The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to meditate.   It’s very simple and with practice it gets easier and easier and you can literally see the benefits spilling over into your everyday life.

Click HERE for a very simple and short method to begin a regular meditation practice right now.  As always, reach out to me if you want more help or a personal guided meditation session.  Much love.   Namaste’

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