Life Mastery Class – Schedule and Overview

Life Mastery Class – Schedule and Overview

What is a Life Mastery Class?

Life Mastery is a weekly class that meets at 11:30 am Eastern Time on Tuesdays. All classes are recorded so if you can’t be there in person, you can listen to the classes later. During our classes, we will focus on a set of life skills to practice and learn. You will leave with specific “lifework” so that you can practice and cement these new habits into your newly evolving life.

Every month we explore a new topic and they build on one another. Each month is also a stand alone subject, so you can start your class in any month you choose. We are offering very special savings for the summer sessions starting in July, so be decisive, take responsibility for your life and growth and get signed up.

Syllabus – Monthly topics

July topic – Intention. You get what you decide for yourself, what you place your attention on, what you intend. We will spend the month of July learning life skills that allow us to set our intention for every single day, to be sure that we are attracting the things into our lives that we really want.

August topic – Health. We spend this month really learning to get in touch with our bodies. To love them and nurture them, to work as a team with every cell in our bodies to achieve our ideal weight, fitness and optimal health.  Self-awareness and self-love are key to this month.

September topic – Abundance. We were meant to be abundant in every way; in love, money, joy, fun, health and happiness. This month we will learn life skills to get rid of our resistance to the wonderful things that are our birthright.

October topic. – Manifestation. Look around at your life. Everything in it, without exception, was manifested as a result of the thoughts you think.  This month, we will deliberately choose to  manifest differently; to use our creative power to manifest lives we love.

November topic. – Love. The most powerful magic of all, love weaves itself in and through every part of our lives. So we learn to get really good at loving, starting with ourselves, then extending to those nearby and to the world.

December topic.  – Transformation. This is the month when we truly embrace getting in harmony with the laws of nature, the laws of the universe. Like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, we learn to transform ourselves into the person who is living the amazing life we want.

What happens next?

In January, we begin again with Intention.  At this point, you may want to repeat this course, really dive deeper and see what insights you have as a person with 6 months of diligent study completed.

Or you may want to advance into another program, like Into Your Genius or Working With The Law, or into a private, custom-designed coaching program, tailored specifically to you.

No matter what you decide to do next, when you look back at the person you were 6 months ago, you will see the transformation that you have created.

What will you decide?

OR you can decide it’s not the right time for a structured program and the support of a life coach. If this is you, please take a moment to test this decision.  Write down what is going on in your life right now.

Then write down what you WISH were going on in your life right now.  Make up your mind to try to bridge this gap; write your vision and review it every day. Then, set yourself a reminder for yourself to look at your life again in 6 months.

Are you in the same place?  Do you have the same challenges?  Have you been able to manifest the changes you want for your life?  If you find that you are not able to make the progress you want on your own, come back here and get signed up! I love you and I really want to be your guide, your champion, your cheerleader and your partner in believing.

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