Magnificent Manifesting Mornings

Magnificent Manifesting Mornings

This post could be just one sentence. “As soon as you wake up, put yourself into the happiest mood you can and stay in that mood all day.” That’s it! Everything that follows are just tricks and tools that you can use to accomplish this.

Just like everything else in the Universe, your bed and your sleep will give back to you exactly what you give them. Some believe that this is times three! Make your sleep sacred. Be un-American and brag about how MUCH sleep you got, instead of boasting about how little you can “get by on”. Take great care of your bed, treat it as a sacred space. Have lovely, comfy, great-smelling sheets and blankets. Invest in the amazing pillow that is just right for you. Treat yourself to a special lavender pillow spray. Make your bed every morning with care, putting it carefully away and preparing it for the next time you visit. Put some sacred crystals or stones on your bed to refresh the energy.

Now you already have one thing to think about when you first wake up: appreciation for your awesome bed and your incredible sleep! Add some more tools to help you get in a high vibrational spot first thing. If you are required to wake at a certain time, back up a step and get yourself in bed in time to get all the sleep your body and soul want. It’s hard to be in a good mood when you’re exhausted and mad at your alarm clock. Make your alarm play your favorite song. If you are like me and get to sleep as long as you like, celebrate that freedom first thing! Make some lists of things you love that you can bring to mind or actually read first thing. Memories, people, pets, dreams… anything that lightens your heart and makes you smile! Put pictures on your bedside table of these things so you can look at them and feel the happiness they bring. A scented candle, essential oil or perfume that brings back an amazing memory. (Scent is a powerful memory and mood activator). Anything that you can think of that will remind you of how much you have and how much there is to love about life will help you form this amazingly powerful habit! Celebrate and appreciate the special person or pet that is sharing your bed. Take a moment to get really familiar with this feeling and set your intention to maintain this high flying mood for as much of the day as possible.

You can strengthen this action by creating a morning spiritual ritual. You ARE connected to the force that created you and a sacred morning ritual will help you to always feel that connection and live your life in accord with that. I recommend journaling about positive affirmations and intentions and meditation.

Once you are used to this amazing feeling, you will be very unwilling to sacrifice it for anything. You may notice that the news, or social media or certain people lower your vibration and you’ll find ways to prevent that. You’ll see opportunities and ideas and wonderful things that are a match to who you are becoming flood into your life. You will notice that life just gets better and better and even the events that make you sad or mad don’t have the power to steal your happiness. At least not for long.

Every morning is a fresh start! Decide now that you will break the habit of just picking up the worries of yesterday and form the new habit of making each morning a new beginning. Heck, this even works after an afternoon nap! Try it out and prove it to yourself.

Be sure to check out my new book “Happy and Free on Purpose: Daily Practices to Live and Love Your Life” available July 1, 2021. Or the podcast all about this subject, The How To Choose Happiness and Freedom Show! 

Make it a fantastic day!

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