What Thoughts Will You Choose Today?

What Thoughts Will You Choose Today?

“Take charge of your thoughts.”  Plato

Do you believe that happiness is a choice?  Or do you believe you are you at the mercy of people, events and circumstances outside of yourself and thus out of your control?  Which feels more empowering; “I get to choose what I give my attention to and therefore attract more of.”  Or “I wonder what is going to happen TO me today?”

When we remember that life is happening through us and not to us, that we are the masters of our thoughts and therefore our vibration, we are empowered to create our days and our lives in the way we choose.  Everyone has “conditions” but we don’t have to let the conditions have us.  All events are neutral until we choose to assign a value to them, and there is not one event, ever, that does not have some good in some way, for someone, even if we can’t see it at the time.

If you are faced today with an unwanted circumstance, look for the gifts contained in that situation, or turn your attention away, to something you love.  You get to choose your thoughts.  Choose the happiest ones you have access to.

You are creating your life!   Pay attention to what you are paying attention to and choose thoughts that are empowering.


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