Pitfalls and Gardening

Pitfalls and Gardening

It has been quite a while since I updated this, but I have a VERY good excuse.  First, I’ve been working on the book, which has become “Happy First:  The Key to YOUR Perfect Body.”  But most importantly, I was falling victim to all of the things I have been warning you about and had to turn my attention away from the whole thing.

About 2 weeks ago, I realized that my head was all wrong.  I was getting on the scales too much, (not every day but more than once a week) and investing way too much in whatever that readout said.  I was criticizing myself whenever I looked in the mirror, which was too often, and focusing on parts of me that I didn’t like.

I was researching nutrition and probiotics until my eyes bled.   I had thoughts like, what if I can’t lose these last 10-15 lbs. before my trip?  What if I can’t lose them before my birthday!?  And, as is law, these thoughts attracted more like them.  What if I NEVER lose any more or gain everything back?!  What is my gut doing?  Is my digestive system working properly?  Am I hiking enough?  Am I eating too much, the wrong things, at the wrong times?  And on and on until I caught on and said “STOP”.

I was focused on the LACK of what I wanted instead of on what I wanted, so it was time to completely get off this subject.  I had fallen into the trap of thinking that my actions were boss, instead of my vibration. I needed to turn my attention back to being happy and to subjects that make me happy and away from this one, which was stressing me out.

Note, during this 2 week or so period I banished NO pounds!  It was time to get back to being happy and leaving my body and the Universe to do the work of shrinking and strengthening my body, without interference from me and my ego.  So that’s what I did, but it meant setting the book and this blog aside for a while.  And that’s where gardening comes in!

Happy First means that we focus on things that please us, on ANY subject, and away from things that don’t.  So I poured my heart and my attention into my gardening.  Every year, I make some effort to grow vegetables and flowers, with varying levels of success.  This year I decided that I would cherish every step, baby every seed and plant and really enjoy this act of creating in tandem with nature. It’s going great!

I live in the woods so sunshine is sometimes an issue.  So I planted everything in containers and if I need to move them to get the right amount of sun I will. I also am very passionate about my meditation garden in the making, so I focused on that, and renewed my attention to ALL of the things in my life that make me happy, my woods, my home, my photo project documenting the changing of the seasons from one spot on my mountain, my dogs and cats, eagerly anticipating my sailing adventure and springtime expansion of my decks.

SO many things to be happy and joyful about!  In the meantime, my body and the Universe went right along giving me my wish for a smaller, stronger me.  I put on the “test” pants, not to check but to actually wear, and they hung off of me.  My friends comment on how much smaller I am. I like what I see in the mirror, (when I seek it out and have a look) and how I feel in my clothes.  I feel great, full of energy and enthusiasm and eager anticipation of each day.

I’m back on track and everything is going great! The mirror went back to its former home where it has to be sought out and the scales went back in the closet.  I even tried on swimsuits with no angst which is a miracle in itself!  I will weigh again right before my trip for documentation, but for now, I’m happy and I’m gorgeous and all is perfect!

And you are gorgeous and perfect too!  Namaste’

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