Unify Yourself with The One Power In The Universe

Unify Yourself with The One Power In The Universe

“Don’t tell God about your big problems, tell your problems about your Big God.”

 – Michael Beckwith

The entire month of June, we are talking about Transformation; the topic we are studying in our weekly Life Mastery class.  To get more in-depth study and guidance in really transforming your life, your love, your bank account, schedule a free strategy session and see if this is the class for you.  Just decide!  Do you really want to transform your life?  Take the time to explore and please share this message with the people you love.  Go to www.timewithlauren.com to schedule your session today. 
Unify Yourself with The One Power In The Universe
The second step in increasing your consciousness and expanding toward your potential, is Unification.  Think of your image from yesterday that represents the Infinite; the ocean, the sky, nature… and feel that you are a part of that Infinite Power.
Unify your mind with your higher self, with the One Source, the Life Force that creates worlds.   Really feel how you are connected, how you are one with all that is.
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Who is creating your life?  Are you living by default or by design?  You decide.
Make it an amazing and transformative day!
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