Weekend Assignment

Weekend Assignment

The entire month of June, starting now, we are going to be talking about Transformation.  This is the topic we are studying in my weekly Life Mastery class.  To get more in-depth study and guidance in really transforming your life, your love, your bank account, schedule a free strategy session and see if this is the class for you.  Just decide!  Do you really want to transform your life?  Take the time to explore and please share this message with the people you love.  Go to www.timewithlauren.com to schedule your session today. 

Assignment for this weekend. Create a journal template for yourself and make a decision to use it every morning. This will be your daily To BE Journal exercise and it will include 4 components. First, write a little bit about the dream you have for your transformation.

Project yourself 6 months or a year into the future and write about how amazing things are now that you have achieved whatever it is you are transforming this month. Really get into the feeling of this. Then write three things you are grateful for.

Next write at least three I AM statements that describe this newly transformed person, the person you really want to be. Finally, write I AM creating… and list the projects in your life that are really important to you and that you are creating on purpose. Your template looks like this.

I am so in love with my life now that…….
I am so grateful for (appreciative of)…..
I AM!………
I Am creating…….
Get in the habit of using this tool to set your intention for each and every day. You will be astounded how differently your days go when you are creating them on purpose.
Who is creating your life?  Are you living by default or by design?  You decide.
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